Chinese Stir-Fry

Recipe By : Vegetarian Times Magazine, February 1999, page 38
Serving Size : 4
32 ounces Asian-style frozenmixed vegetables
(sometimes labeled Oriental- or Japanese-style)
1/4 cup bottled stir-frysauce or to taste
1 lb firm orbaked tofu drained and cut into strips

The interesting Asian-style vegetable melanges in the frozen vegetables section are great to have on hand when you crave a quick stir-fry but don't feel like chopping.
Serve with hot cooked rice or noodles and raw carrot and celery sticks.

Steam vegetables in a stir-fry pan or wok with about 1/2- inch of water, covered, until completely thawed.
Drain well and transfer back to stir-fry pan.
Stir in sauce and stir-fry over medium-high heat until vegetables are tender-crisp.
Add tofu strips and toss gently.
Cook just until heated through, then serve right away.

PER SERVING: 188 CAL.; 15 g PROT.: 4 g TOTAL FAT (1 g SAT. FAT)
1 7 g CARB.; 0 CHOL.; 202MG SOD.; 6 g FIBER

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Recipe group Main
region East asian
Karen C. Greenlee - greenlee@bellsouth.net - Atlanta, Georgia, USA
submitted by Renato Pichler / renato@vegetarismus.ch

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