Vietnamese Tofu

Here is a modified version of a Vietnamese recipe I found which calls for the addition of nouc mam (fish sauce).
Adjust ingredients to your taste.
1 cake of firmor extra firm tofu
Fresh ginger juice -3 tablespoons
5 large cloves slicedgarlic
3-4 large shallots sliced
hot chili pepper paste(sambal olek) to taste
fresh ground black pepper
finely chopped scallions
fresh squeezed lime juice- from one lime
1 stalk of lemongrasschopped very fine

Slice tofu lengthwise in half and then into bite sized cubes.
Drain very well on cloth towels or paper towels for a few hours pressing very lightly every so often.

Marinate the tofu in hot sauce, ginger juice, and chopped lemon grass for a few hours.

Heat some oil in a non stick pan.
Add shallots and garlic and sauté until golden-brown.
Remove and reserve.
Add a little more oil if necessary and fry the tofu (drain and reserve marinade) until browned on all sides.
Add the garlic/shallots and cook for several minutes.
Add the reserved marinade and cook for a few minutes until somewhat dry.

Serve over jasmine rice with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a generous helping of chopped scallions.
You can add slices of fresh Thai chili peppers and fresh ground black pepper if you wish.

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region East asian
Frank Durante - ftdurant@dreamscape.com
submitted by Renato Pichler / renato@vegetarismus.ch

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