Roasted Herbed Potatoes

(personal recipe)

Serving Size: 4
2 lb white rosepotatoes -- cut in chunks
1 tbs herbes deProvence
1 tbs olive oil

Scrub potatoes and cut into large chunks (leave the skins on).
Brush a roasting pan with a little olive oil.
Crush the herbes de Provence slightly with a mortar and pestle to break up the large needles of rosemary.
Put potatoes in the roasting pan, drizzle with the one tablespoon of olive oil, and sprinkle the herbes de Provence over the potatoes.
Cover and bake at 350 degrees F until the potatoes are nicely roasted.

164 calories per serving, 3.6 g fat, 19% calories from fat.

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Trish Carr - chatte@teleport.com
submitted by Renato Pichler / renato@vegetarismus.ch

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